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AQUAPOWER Refreshing Cleanser

A powerful double-action cleanser to effectively remove impurities while refreshing and reinforcing the skin daily.
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FORCE SUPREME Anti-Aging Cleanser

A gentle daily cleanser with blue micro-particles to gently exfoliate and smoothen the skin for a smoothing and squeaky clean effect. Fortified with Cedar Bud Extract to accelerate skin cell regeneration for an anti-ageing action.
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T-PUR Purifying Cleanser

A mud feel daily cleanser that helps purify the pores and remove dirts. Pores feel refreshed after used.
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T-PUR Mattifying Moisturizer Gel

It helps to keep skin mattified all day and is enriched with anti-bacterial sea algae extract + zinc + mineral perlite.
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T-PUR Anti-oil & Shine Cleansing Gel

Biotherm’s 1ST T-PUR salt-infused black gel cleanser that helps wipe out signs of oiliness, reduce imperfections, and get rid of pollution particles. Thanks to a special black scrub texture that skin feels exfoliated intensely, yet gently, with optimal skin respect and sensoriality.
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EXCELL BRIGHT Brightening Peeling Cleanser

Brighten the skin tone to remove dullness and smooths skin texture. Eliminates sebum excess and impurities. Dense creamy foam, rinses off excessive oil. Skin is moother, cleansed, fresh and clarified.
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