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Anti-Oil & pores

T-PUR Purifying Cleanser

A mud feel daily cleanser that helps purify the pores and remove dirts. Pores feel refreshed after used.
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T-PUR Anti-oil & Shine Bi-phase Lotion

Biotherm’s 1st T-PUR salt-infused bi-phase lotion with 2-in-1 action: Intense purification and mattifying action thanks to a bi-phase technology (powered by water phase & perlite powder phase)Water- phase: The toner phase, formulated with French sea salt & Life Plankton Water helps purifies skin intensely. Perlite Powder phase: The perlite powder phase, activated by shaking, with oil-absorption action for lasting clear and mattified skin
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T-PUR Mattifying Moisturizer Gel

It helps to keep skin mattified all day and is enriched with anti-bacterial sea algae extract + zinc + mineral perlite.
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T-PUR Anti-oil & Shine Cleansing Gel

Biotherm’s 1ST T-PUR salt-infused black gel cleanser that helps wipe out signs of oiliness, reduce imperfections, and get rid of pollution particles. Thanks to a special black scrub texture that skin feels exfoliated intensely, yet gently, with optimal skin respect and sensoriality.
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